Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sheldon Stoff

In the belief that if we learn to share that which we deem best from our thoughts and experiences with our fellow humans, I make these attempts at such expression. It is audacious to try to explain what little I know about the eternal One, of which, in itself, I know nothing. The divine that I experience is only one small drop in that ocean of divinity. I feel that I must go beyond the written word toward experience in order to catch a glimmer of some attributes and emanations of the eternal One. So, I meditate, opening myself to our constant lover, and then I try to pass something of my thoughts and experiences with on to you in the hope that you will also come to know that love which is beyond all knowing.

We are told that the eternal One created both space and time. Jewish mystics often refer to creation as Ein Sof, which means Endlessness. Quantum physics teaches us that we are all created beings, united in unbounded consciousness. Ancient India, and today, Ervin Laszlo, refer to the word Akasha or “cosmic sky” as encompassing all of space. “A-Field” is another term for it. In this “A-Field, consciousness is to be found, in varying degrees, all beings, space and material. There is a luminous unity within the thoughts of our common creator and lover.

In effect, we humans are a small part of a community of life, but it is a community that is endless. This community is also intuitionally connected. This community existed even prior to physical creation. Brothers and sisters are everywhere joined together within the A-Field. Without and within this A-Field of connection is that which birthed it and sustains it, the eternal One. To repeat, the eternal One is WITHOUT and WITHIN the ALL and sustains it with a love impossible for us to even realize.

Peter Russell says it this way: If our own essence is divine, and the essence of consciousness is to be found in everything, everywhere, then everything is divine. Panpsychism becomes pantheism. It doesn’t matter whether we call it Universal Mind, Allah, God, Jehovah, the Great Spirit, or the Quantum Vacuum Field, we are all of that same essence.

We are stardust. We are also divine. Our actions must reflect who we are and who we are becoming. We are whole. We are holy. Our souls are created by God. The whole universe is created for us.

The first act of creation by the eternal One was that of the incubation of souls. These first souls were loved as a mother loves her offspring. These first souls also had a strong desire to share and return this love. In order to have this happen, the eternal One created the physical universe. Physical experience was necessary for the souls to share and offer love. As creations of the eternal One we are holy and have a spark of the divine within us, a spark called by various names — “souls” and “consciousness” being the most common. Just as all creation was planned for evolution, so must we now endeavor to expand our consciousness and become more fully evolved, as was intended in the beginning. How to approach this profound understanding? Since all humans and all “things” were created in God, our attitude toward everything must change as we awaken to this reality. We are firmly in connection to all that there is and all that will ever be. I can only begin to think of the implications.

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